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Local Breast Cancer Survivor Resources in Colorado Springs

During my interview with Legacy Race Battling Breast Cancer, I wanted to highlight local breast cancer resources for women in Colorado Springs to help women feel beautiful during this trying time. Two of the resources I mentioned were: Tracey's Mastectomy Boutique and Merle Norman Cosmetics.

Tracey’s Mastectomy Boutique has been serving women in Colorado Springs for eight years. During this time, Tracey and her dedicated staff have extremely diligent about expanding their services to better meet the ever-growing need of women going through their cancer diagnoses, treatment journeys, and remission periods. The boutique offers wigs/head coverings and their associated cleaning products, post-mastectomy garments, breast and nipple protheses, and comfortable yet effective lymphedema garments. When asked about why she offers her services, Tracey says, "I want women to feel feminine. Many feel like they loose that in cancer and I want to give them that back."

The majority of insurance plans cover two post-mastectomy garments that can be individualized through proper fittings in a safe and comfortable environment. Tracey and her staff are certified mastectomy fitters through American Breast Care. They schedule one-on-one appointments with women to ensure women feel prioritized, unique, and as comfortable as possible. The boutique’s fitting rooms are chic yet conservative allowing women to feel feminine but not pressured.

In addition to Tracey’s Mastectomy Boutique, Tracey has also been a franchise owner of Merle Norman Cosmetics for over 30 years! Her current store perfectly adjoins with the Boutique allowing for an open floor concept, all-encompassing destination for women seeking out community resources. This store compliments her mission to help women feel confident and radiant, especially while undergoing cancer treatment such as chemotherapy and its associated skin changes and hair thinning/loss. She and her committed staff help women with skin pigmentation and makeup application. Who really knows how to intricately draw and fill in eyebrows or apply natural looking eyelashes on a daily basis only to be more challenging when chemotherapy hair loss is added into the mix? Tracey and her team are here to help!

They are located on North Academy, just off of 25.

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