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Joan's Story: Why I battle breast cancer

Joan Schulz: Instigator of Legacy Race Battling Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is an insidious disease. It strikes the young, the old, men and women, AND my mother.

Many decades ago, my mom was diagnosed with estrogen positive breast cancer. They removed one breast, and she received, then state of the art treatment - Tamoxifen. She was cancer free for 5 years. The afternoon of her 5-year cancer free celebration, she returned home to a phone message for her to come to her doctor’s. The cancer had mediatized to the bones in her thighs. Radiation was used to contain the cancer. They were able to hold the cancer in abeyance twice, but the third time it moved into her spine. The radiation impacted her entire digestive system, creating drastic gastric pain and upset. Today that radiation treatment could have pinpoint-targeted on just the metates, saving her a lot of angst. She suffered with the pain bone cancer for several years until finally her bones and her spirit crumpled.

After she died her doctor shared that her pelvic bones had crumpled with many fractures.

Breast cancer not only crumpled her bones crumpled her spirit as well.

After watching her battle, I decided I would do what I could to save anyone else from suffering this agonizing death.

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